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«DETOX» Program of Borjomi Palace

Body purification and rejuvenation

by the unique Borjomi mineral water





The visit to a doctor (therapeutist-gastroenterologist, cardiologist, urologist, gynecologist, endocrinologist, physiotherapeutist)

Permanent medical monitoring throughout a program

Doctor-dietitian's advice with composing an individual dietary plan

Clinical-diagnostic laboratory:

Clinical research

  • General blood analysis
  •  Common urine analysis
  •  Glucose level in blood
  •  Blood prothrombin analysis

   Biochemistry of blood

  • Liver function tests (BIL.T, BIL.D, AST/GOT, ALT/GPT, GGT, ALP, Total Protein, ALBUMIN)
  • Liver tests (UREA, CREA, Amylase, Uric Acid,GLUC, GLUC (120 min)
  • Lipid exchange (Total Cholesterin, Triglycerides, HDL, LDL)
  • Microelements (Ca, Na, K, Mg, P, IRON liquicolor)
  • Rheumatoid tests (CRP, ASLO, RF)

Allergological researches 

  • Combined panels, IgE (separate answers according to allergens)
  • Food-based allergens’ panel (Food Panel), IgE
  • Respiratory allergens’ panel (Respiratory Panel)
  • Various allergens’ panel (Food and Respiratory Panel)

Hormonal researches

  • TSH (Thyroid stimulating hormone in serum)
  • fT4 (Free thyroxine in serum)
  • anti-TPO (Thyroidperoxidase antibodies  anti-TPO)
  • total PSA (Prostatic specific antigen in serum)
  • insulin – Insulin in serum
  • HbAlc  Glycated (glycosilated) hemoglobin in blood
  • C – Peptide C – Peptide in serum
  • PRL – Prolactin in serum

Electrocardiography (ECG) Ultrasound investigation (USI)

  • Investigation of abdominal cavity
  • Investigation of urogenital system
  • Investigation of thyroid gland


Body Composition Monitor (Karada Scan)

  • BMI – body mass index,
  • Internal (visceral) fat level
  • Fat tissue mass relative to total body mass
  • Amount of muscle mass
  • Daily energy demand of patient


  1. Tubage – blind intubation, consists of mild irrigation of liver, gall bladder and biliary ducts that makes easier bile excretion from them.  
  2. Paraffinotherapy for liver – paraffinotherapy is one of the types of heat therapy. Paraffin has anti-inflammatory, analgetic,  relaxing, antispastic, wound-healing and recovery actions on the organism, dilatation of capillaries and fine blood vessels occurs in warmed areas; and local blood and lymph circulation improves. 
  3. Colon irrigation (siphonage) with Borjomi mineral water – the mentioned procedure cleans colon from harmful substances. Accumulated toxic agents are removed from organism, food is normally digested, harmful components don’t retard in the body, takes place body rejuvenation, peristalsis normalization and increase in motor activity. This procedure is painless and safe.
  4. Pressure therapy (hardware lymphatic massage, pneumomassage) – the procedure with pleasant relaxing and at the same time powerful lymphodrainage effect. Pressure therapy actively impacts the lymphatic system of body, removes excessive liquid and accumulated toxins, promotes intensification of nutrition and tissue purification processes. It assists effective struggle against all manifestations of cellulite and different stages of fatness, improves blood circulation in capillary vessels of skin cover, as well as soft tissues; promotes contraction of volumes of problem areas.
  5. Mud wrap – is used for increase in body tonus and improvement of its physical health. This procedure is used for weight loss and getting rid of cellulitis deposits. Wastes are removed from organism. In the process of mud wrap the human intakes carboxylic and humic acids, which can’t independently develop in his body, but at the same time they are necessary as sources of energy and organism rejuvenation.     
  6. Charcot’s douche  – the procedure of intensive massage of problematic areas. Directed powerful water jet stimulates blood and lymph circulation, amplifies the processes of fat deposit destruction.
  7. Oxygen cocktail – immeasurable benefit of oxygen cocktail lies in its ability to get human rid of hypoxia. Activation of operation of gastrointestinal tract improves digestion, functioning of kidney and pancreatic gland.  
  8. Hammam (dry sauna, wet sauna, foam massage, Jacuzzi, peeling-scrub). Hammam has an positive action on all systems of our organism. Marble, which replaces wooden deck-chairs gives us unhurried relaxation and inner appeasement. Soap peeling, massage with cosmetic oils and oriental teas are incomparable with anything else and add special zest and flavor to this procedure. 
  9. Spa-capsule (Jacuzzi, steam) – the procedure using hydrofusion capsule combines the impact of infrared radiation and hot steam. Body is warmed up to the 4 cm depth activating the processes of lipolysis and waste removal from organism. Hydromassage (Jacuzzi), phyto- and aromatherapy improve blood supply of organs and tissues amplifying all metabolic processes in organism. Procedures are carried out with Borjomi mineral water and as a result takes place detoxification, improvement of microcirculation, toxins excretion from organism, skin rejuvenation and cleansing, calories burn and weight reduction. 

10.  Underwater massage – promotes fat splitting, reduces the quantity of fat tissue and cellulite, is used for improvement of figure and for body weight loss. 

11.  Detox-Massage (hemolymphatic drainage)

12.  Complete massage.

13.  Detox Procedure (Bio Resonance Rayonex –аппарат Rayocomp PS10)  purifies organism at cell level, removes toxins from body. Amplifies cell immunity, allows natural body cleaning systems to easily meet toxic and bacterial threats.

14.   Wrapping by seaweeds – sea wraps «Detox-weight loss» - step by step SPA-procedure, which includes several stages: massage peeling, application of sea wraps with the effect of deep detoxication and which is ended by massage cream – silhouette corrector.

15.   Gums irrigation with Borjomi mineral water is effective preventive measure against inflammatory processes in oral cavity.

16.  Singlet-oxygen therapy carries out organism detoxification, increases body defenses and reduces risks of infection; improves blood fluidity, increases antioxidant status of body, decreases stress-index and arterial wall rigidity.

17.  Circular douche – blood flows to internal (visceral) organs under influence of circular douche. Metabolism is accelerated, waste and harmful substances are excreted much faster from organism.

18.   Steam-carbon dioxide bath – effective mean for prevention, health-improvement and rejuvenation, harmonizes the body in order to withstand stresses, illnesses, premature senility.

19.  Salt chamber – the session in salt room promotes immune system reinforcement and metabolism acceleration, as well as cleaning and recovery of breathing passages. 

20.  Deep oscillation or lymphatic drainage massage is the result of action of alternating electrostatic field. Electrostatic impulses create negligible oscillations, which have a directed anti-inflammatory, профостимулирующее, detoxifying and drainage action.

21.  Health-promoting exercises (recreational gymnastics) according to Changquan (wushu); Respiratory gymnastics; Weight loss program.